NetEase business have a new action, may be the end of September on the line


Launched in 2015, NetEase koala sea purchase stepped on the small tail of cross-border electricity supplier dividends, with two years to accumulate a large number of middle class users, and successfully live in front of cross-border import electricity supplier. In 2016, the NetEase was selected to catch up with the escalation of consumption. Although there are a lot of disputes about its model, it has also been a pioneer in simplifying the intermediate links and excluding the brand premium. Recently, insiders told billion state power network broke the news that the NetEase but also in the field of electricity providers have a new action, a "NetEase koala factory" platform or at the end of September this year on the line. Billion state power network on the matter to the NetEase koala sea purchase confirmation, the NetEase responded that the project has been carried out. The chamber of Commerce, but the on-line time yet to be determined. In addition, the NetEase did not disclose more details about the project. NetEase electricity supplier and new tricks? According to the insiders, the NetEase will be invited to a number of domestic factories koala quality manufacturing enterprises, and the creation of "koala factory store", their goods through the NetEase koala platform to users factory sales. With the principle of selective selection, each category of the NetEase koala factory will only choose the manufacturer who is located in the head of 1~2, and these manufacturers will have their own brand at koala factory. "It's a big attraction for manufacturing companies specializing in branding." The source said. For a long time, the manufacturing enterprises responsible for the foundry have been struggling costs, labor force, production scale and price, but these are not the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Malicious competition among peers is also common, for example, when manufacturers have reached the size of the order of $10 million, there will always be peer appear, to reduce the price of 15%, take orders, so many manufacturers headache. NetEase koala factory to a certain extent, improve the level of competition, so that the competition environment more reasonable and orderly. On the one hand, for each commodity category, koala factory only select a very small number of suppliers. This makes the quality of goods, technical level, production efficiency and other factors become more important, forcing manufacturers to constantly adapt to the relatively high standards of innovation. On the other hand, the koala factory will also credit assessment and elimination mechanism and platform rules to restrain and spur factory brand, make manufacturing enterprises with successful brands of Koala factories were not let down, to avoid being kicked out of the game". Billion state power network to understand, the koala factory project started in a few months ago, the team members from the NetEase koala, has signed a cooperation agreement with some manufacturers. A business in Hangzhou cross-border electricity supplier companies responsible person said to billion state power network, set up factories and NetEase koala between NetEase selected to form a "tacit understanding". "NetEase strictly selected NetEase mailbox business incubator, and koala factory attached to NetEase koala, which is an independent division. The two are different in terms of teams, resources and ideas." This is really not the second NetEase strictly selected? Indeed, although the koala factory seemingly familiar gameplay reminiscent of the NetEase selected ODM mode, but the NetEase and the NetEase selected koala factory has a very distinctive, and the key words are "brand". The NetEase's heavily chosen manufacturers are mostly manufacturers of well-known brands such as Muji and Samsonite, but their role in the NetEase's "strictly selected platform" is still "subcontracting". The brand is strictly selected by NetEase. The manufacturer will invite the koala NetEase factory on behalf of the independent brand store, manufacturers can change "OEM" status, to establish their own brands, with commodity pricing, grasp the development direction of the brand. Billion state power network to understand, the koala factory project is derived from the NetEase group helm Ding Lei want to "Chinese manufacturing brand" the idea of empowerment.