Pakistan means 7 million 500 thousand skins listed Corban


Leather xiexun (Translation: Jean Flynn) Pakistan leather industry will be ready to slaughter spending $5500 to buy cattle skin during the Eid al AdhA, Eid al AdhA will begin in September 1st this year. A custom is Corban every family butcher a cow or sheep and other animal as offerings, which means millions of animal skin at the same time listed. Pakistan Leather Association estimates there will be 7 million 500 thousand pieces of animal skin to enter the market during the Eid al AdhA, Pakistan Leather Association called on the government to take special sales tax during the holiday season, prompting tannery enterprises try to acquire all of the skin, at the same time, urged the government to accelerate the export tax return, to ensure that the leather enterprises have sufficient funds to purchase these raw material.