18 Brazil tanneries will participate in China International Leather Fair in the future


China Leather Association (compile: ran Fulin) Brazil tanning enterprises interest in the Chinese market is still unabated, Asian countries are the largest market for leather exports in Brazil, accounting for 26.2% of total exports in the first half of this year's 10 U. s.dollars.
To this end, Brazil sent 18 tanneries to China to participate in the 2017 China International Leather Fair held in Shanghai, Brazil leather industry center said that three days of the exhibition, Brazil is expected to get 130 million U. S. dollars of orders.
Leather series product showcase for the 2019 summer fashion design products Brazil leather exhibitors will be set up in Brazil and Brazil leather tanning center project planning exhibition hall, Brazil leather project responsible person, China International Leather Fair not only provides a showcase innovative platform for Brazil leather industry, will also bring more trade opportunities for Brazil.